Here's the boy himself. He's big. 17 pounds big. Terrified of dogs, even when he's twice as big. It's the only way he can climb a tree - when chased. He's only 4 (june 3rd, 2000) but already has had plenty of trauma in his life. His sister was killed by a car when 1 1/2. He mourned her for 3 months. His bunny friend moved to a farm to be with other bunnies and do bunny things. She's doing well!! Then Spot moved to Maine, best-friended the neighbour's big orange cat Dante, who was then killed by a car. Spot was so sad he went to Dante's grave every day for two weeks. But all in all, he has a good life. A bed of his own, food, a catmint patch and his favourite toy, a brush!!