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the start of the year of the dragon at 0th year of the 2nd millenium seems a damn fine time to trek into the land of web

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Hi everyone!
I have finally started a VIRTUAL VILLA VILLAKULA. There are several reasons for the creation of this page. One BIG BIG reason is to try to answer any questions about the record label Villa Villakula. (in fact, if you have any questions, please send them to me!) the other BIG BIG reason is to let you know some other things i do with my life.


It's not even a matter of breaking boundaries. I think it's less violent than that. I'm generally a mellow person. I think it has more to do with ignoring the boundaries, or not realizing that they are there. Reinventing ways of presentation. I'm always playing punk rock to my jazz friends and jazz to the punkrockers. The reaction is the same -- what's this shit? I say how silly. It's all art, it's all underground. Bend those categories.

 i wrote the short lil' bit about boundaries a bunch of years ago in a notebook. i think it explains a lot of how i see the world. and it's funny. the jazz & punk thing's changed so much. ever since thurston moore wrote an article in some magazine in the early 90's with sun ra and p.i.l.(?), it seems like it's a perfectly acceptable mix of musics. but in the late 70's it was too much for most folks to comprehend.

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