"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."

Matthew 5:38-39


LoveNotWar is a page of many paths. undeniable, inherently, HERE is a strong NO WAR sentiment. no war happens. WE can all be part of no war. quietly, loudly Yes Peace. War is ugly and as artists and humans we should SEEK BEAUTY EVERYDAY. make art not war !! to paraphrase HR Puf'n'stuff

February 26, 2008

I have no excuse for such random, infrequent updates, just computer laziness.

1. Snow... snow... snow. It's like living in Minnesota. It's been snowing 2 or 3 days a week this winter. It is awe inspiring and exhausting.

2. I'm rearranging the front yard.

3. I have 'graduated' to paying member of Wolf Pine Farm

4. I'm still happily employed at the Orange Box

5. I've donated all my music related work to Smith College

6. I still have my little VW Cabriolet and love it despite it's little idiosyncrosies.

1. Snow. Not much more to say than snow. It does tend to warm up and melt a bit a few times a month, otherwise, there would probably be 12 feet of snow out there. I keep saying to myself 'It's good for the garden'. I've only gone snow shoeing once because after shoveling, I'm exhausted.

2. My neighbour cut down 2 of my red maples. It's a hard decision to take out 2 big trees. The first is up front near the house. I really wanted to open up the space near the house (and have a place to put all the snow from the plow!!) Now I can see the stars from the front steps and have a great view of my big spruce tree. To balance the loss, I have 40 trees on order for this spring. Mostly whips from NH Forestry and a few fruit trees from Stark's Brothers.

3. Wolf Pine Farm is great! It's a CSA: Community Supported Agriculture. Knowing where your food comes from is rare in this day of long distant transport. Do you know where your food is from? some of it? all of it? How often do you think about it?

4. oh, the Orange Box. It gets me out and socialized combined with a paycheck. I like the folks I work with and it's fun to facilitate another person's shopping spree. I transfered last June to the Rochester store so that I would be closer to where my mom lives. That's been a great change but it did take a lot of adjustment.

5. Sophia Smith Archives. I'm part of women's history and only halfway through my life. That's a lot to live up to for the future! Jumping back to April 2005, I made arrangements with the Smith College Women's Library to donate my grrrl zine collection. I included a copy of each of the releases from Kill Rock Stars and Villa Villakula with which I was involved. Plus, I've brought over 6 boxes of zines, a filing cabinet of papers, a couple boxes of art mockups, and many suitcases full of letters from all the girls who wrote me over the years. They've entitled the donation: THE TINUVIEL COLLECTION. The best part is that the library is open for anyone to use. You do not have to have a Smith College affiliation or pay a fee to join. It is truly a resource for all.

6. Yes, my soccer mom van is no more. I never realized how much I disliked that box of a car. Now I have the cutest little VW convertible! an officially rated 'chic car'. '91 VW Cabriolet Etienne Aigner. Everyone has told me it's a major improvement on my image, including my gas station attendant. She just turned 120k. She's definitely had a few old car worn out parts breakdowns but keeps on going. It's my favourite car I've had so far!

The spring of 2005 had it's extremes. In April, Michael Labonte, possibly my oldest friend and definitely one of my closest, committed suicide. He had struggled with bipolar illness for most of his adult life. Of all the people I know, I think his struggles are the most extreme. Truly tortured. His soul can only be safer and calmer now. I miss him greatly. It's hard to think that someone who knew me better than I know myself, who remembered so many of my mishaps and adventures, is no longer here to remind me, tell me stories, teach me.

Michael would be proud of 'The Tinuviel Collection'. He's the only person who's ever written a song about me and always had faith in my 'fame'. Smith College is a prestigous location to house a decade of my work. It's really exciting to find a safe place to store this work (instead of a musty garage).

This is barely an update but if you'd like more stories on anything, write to me. If you have any questions on flowers, I might be able to help you there, too. I need a bit of nudging to get me rambling.


well, take care and hope to hear from you!!



another link or two for you

Pictures of my chickens

In July 2005, I was interviewed by the Portsmouth Wire for a feature article on 'the art of politics and dissent'.

Yoshino gawa
kishi no yamabuki
fuku kaze ni
soko no kage sae

(ki no tsurayuki, 882-945)

The yamabuki
on the banks of the Yoshino River
are scattered by the blowing winds changing their watery reflections

I was looking up yamabuki on the web when I found a site full of ukiyo-e and the above haiku. Then, at the bottom of the page was sticky, a handsome orange cat. Well, how could I refuse to link the site now! Spot would never forgive me.

(oh. yamabuki is a pretty yellow flower.)



It's time to put the positive into our lives. We can do something small everyday. Plant a flower, Cook a healthy meal, Feed a bird, Smile at someone, Tickle a cat, Roll on the floor with the dog. Everyday look for a way that you can have less negative impact to people, to animals, to the earth. Choose to eat a fully organic meal if you never have. Choose to walk instead of drive to the store to buy the newspaper. Choose. Choose well. We have 1 life and 1 planet. We all have Choice. (particularly those of us who have the luxury to read someone's website)

Below is a retrospective of things I've done in the past 10 years; the various buttons leading you to artwork, experiences, published and unpublished writings. I hope to soon include an exhibition resume, more artwork and photos of favourite locations in this world. I am working on an article on chickens to be published in 2005. Artwork is available for exhibitions or sale. Any comments or questions or things I should know, write me!


Este ano, quisiera transludir mis escritos en espanol, especialmente los del Camino de Santiago de Compostela.



arrow/la flecha
spot/mi gatto
beach/la playa

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